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Heading 1
Aa Bb Cc

Text / H1
Heading 1 - 50px / 110% (Urbanist)

Heading 2
Aa Bb Cc

Text /H2
Heading 2 - 35px / 110% (Urbanist)

Heading 3
Aa Bb Cc

Text / H3
Heading 3 - 24px / 125% (Urbanist)

Heading 4
Aa Bb Cc

Text / H4
Heading 4 - 120% (Urbanist)

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Body 1 - 16px / 140% (Urbanist)


CloudSwift takes advantage of strong black and white contrast as well as vivid brand colors.

Black - #000000
Bg - #f6f6f6
Dark Gray - #9e9e9e
Gray - #dfdfdf


All icons used in CloudSwift template come from an open source icon library - Remix Icons. Meaning they are are free for personal and commercial use.


CloudSwift Template is using one additional font, called Urbanist. It can be downloaded at Fontshare and is 100% free for personal and commercial use.


Button Text
CTA Primary
CTA / Animated
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CTA Secondary


“Working together was a game-changer for our business. Their innovative solutions and dedicated team not only met but exceeded our expectations, bringing our vision to life with precision and flair.”

- Alexander Bennett, Microsoft